Academic Calendar

Senior Dues DUE!

Date(s): Friday, December 20, 2019


This is a reminder that Senior Dues are DUE TODAY Friday, December 20th 2019.

Senior dues are $350 and they cover the majority of the financial obligations of the class.  Students must be current with their Senior dues in order to participate in Senior class activities.

To pay Senior Dues:
•    Pay directly to Ms. Denise Brown, Dean of Students
•    Make checks payable to the Ash Tree Learning Center Academy (Please note, personal checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged an additional $25.)
•    Put Senior Dues & the student’s name in the memo section
•    Cashier’s check or Cash is also accepted

Any Senior Dues paid after this date is subject to a late fee of $20 a month.  The late fee for payments received after April 1, 2019, is $50.

Dues are mandatory and are non-refundable. Items cannot be purchased individually. The school has deposits and fees that must be paid within certain time frames, so it is important that the dues are completely paid today. 

Our preference is that payment is made in full; however, we realize that it may be more convenient to make payments. If your financial situation is such that you need to make several, please discuss making payments with Ms. D. Brown.

Thank You