Education Philosophy & Core Values

Our philosophy of Christian education is directly related to our statement of faith.

Since the primary reason for the existence of the school is a spiritual ministry arm of Metro Savannah Baptist Church, evangelistic efforts are made to bring all students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so that the teaching of spiritual truths may have a firm foundation.

Our academic program, through the traditional approach, seeks to provide students with the best possible program of studies. We wish to emphasize the mastery of the fundamental blocks of materials necessary for satisfactory achievement in these areas of study, leading to the development and exercise of the powers of reasoning. We believe the traditional system of education educates the mind and builds character.

Character training is an important element in the Ash Tree Learning Center Academy. We believe that the heart of character training is obedience (deciding to do right), which will eventually cultivate inner self-discipline and is essential to the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of the student.

ATLCA Core Values

Matthew 22: 37, 39.

The Value of the Spiritual "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul"

  • We value Christian character that begins with personal salvation in Jesus Christ and continues with daily growth and devotion to the principles taught in the Bible.
  • We value involvement in the local church as a means to support the Body of Christ and build a spirit for service.
  • We value commitment to moral culture, which promotes personal responsibility, humility, sacrifice, and personal purity.
  • We value the worth of every human being as an image-bearer of God, regardless of ability, race, origin, or ethnic background.

The Value of the Mind "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind"

  • We value a challenging academic program, which is intellectually stimulating and framed within a Christian worldview, based upon God being the author of all truth as revealed in the natural world and through the infallible word of God.
  • We value personal work ethic as a means to achievement and proper stewardship of personal abilities and talents.
  • We value academics and believe that it prepares the intellect of believers to be effective defenders of truth and proper ambassadors for Christ in all fields of human endeavor.

The Value of the Relationships "Love your neighbor as yourself"

  • We value all relationships as a reflection of our relationship with God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ.
  • We value the inherent right of all people to expect fair, equal, and courteous treatment at all times without regard to individual differences.
  • We value the need to form meaningful relationships that foster spiritual growth, personal accountability, and Christian discipleship.