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Welcome to the Ash Tree Learning Center Academy Athletics and Physical Education Department!

My name is Eddie Brown and I will be the Athletic Director and point of contact for this athletic season. This is a very exciting time for our school, as well as a wonderful opportunity for your students to compete against each other and various schools in our region. We are proud to take part in ATLCA's first athletic venture and we look forward to having a prosperous athletic season! The potential leagues are GISA (Georgia Independent School Association) and SPAL (Savannah Parochial League) of the City of Savannah.

It is our goal to make this athletic experience meaningful, educational, inspirational, and fun for all of our wonderful student athletes. As a means to parallel our dedication to your students, we as a school would also like to help cement those relationships with each parent as well. In order to accomplish this task, season and practice schedules, physical forms, code of conduct, and all other pertinent information will be available to each athlete on the Athletics Overview & Eligibility Requirements page.

Interscholastic athletics serve a critical educational function that complements the traditional classroom. Athletics are a "real life" setting for the practice of competition, cooperation, and adaptability: the principles upon which our society is based. In athletics, one must compete against an opponent, compete against oneself in terms of constantly striving to improve, work effectively with teammates and coaches, and perform in a continuously changing environment, as no two contests are ever the same. Success is facilitated by being prepared, maintaining a positive attitude, being dedicated to a common cause, and establishing high standards of sportsmanship.

In addition, each season every team works together on a community service initiative, extending those lessons of sportsmanship and team building and using them to benefit others.I am convinced that principles learned through active participation in athletics will enrich our student-athletes' decision making, as well as their roles in society. Plus, physical fitness is an important commitment for healthy individuals. We believe all students have a real need for the development of skills that will promote a lifetime of well-being. Also, all athletic and fitness programs here are Christ-centered and incorporate biblical principles. We feel participation in physical activity is a great way to encourage spiritual growth in our students!

Lastly, our athletics personnel are committed to the academic development and achievement of each student and it is expected of all our student?athletes that classroom performance is given the attention and dedication thatbeing excellent demands. We recognize each athlete as a unique individual and we will use athletics as a means to help our student-athletes identify God's purpose for their lives. On the field of competition as well as in life we want everyathlete to value that we never give up and never give in as we exhibit Christ, Character, and Class in all we do.

Serving alongside,

Eddie Brown,
Athletics Director

Athletics Department Staff

Mr. Eddie Brown, Athletics Director Mr. D'angelo Holsey Boys Junior Varsity & Varsity Coach

Dr. Morris Brown, Associate Director & Assistant Coach

     Mrs. Gina Ortiz, Pep Squad Coach