• Dr. Morris Brown, Principal

  • Mrs. Margaret Brown, Deputy Principal / Education Director

  • Ms. Denise Brown, Dean of Students

  • Mrs. Shirley Taylor, Elementary School Counselor

  • Ms. Ruby Arnold, High School Paraprofessional

  • Ms. Annette Scott, Elementary & Middle School Paraprofessional

  • Mrs. TaQuita Young, 2nd to 4th Grade Instructor

  • Mrs. Margaret Champion, 5th & 6th Grade Instructor

  • Mr. Eddie Brown, 8th to 12th Grade S.S./History Instructor

  • Mr. D'angelo Holsey, 7th to 12th Grade Math Instructor

  • Ms. Ariel Brown, 1st Grade Instructor

  • Ms. Janeka Reid, 1st Grade Instructor

  • Mrs. Jan Bentley, Bible Instructor

  • Mrs. Gina Ortiz, 9th to 12th Grade Science/Spanish Instructor

  • Ms. Jessica Eppinger, 7th to 12th Grade Language Arts Instructor