Student Organizations

Standard of Eligibility

All students participating in any extra-curricular activity must meet and maintain the following standards of eligibility:

  1. Each student must have attained, in the previous marking period, an accumulated grade of 70 or better in at least 4 courses each of which requires at least 5 periods of prepared work per week.
  2. Students will automatically forfeit eligibility if they fail to maintain the academic standards of eligibility in any ensuing report card. In addition, any student who violates school rules that results in a suspension will receive the following penalty:
    1. First offense: the student will lose eligibility to participate in all school activities for two (2) weeks.
    2. Second offense: subsequent violation(s), student will lose eligibility to participate in all school activities for twelve (12) consecutive weeks.

Student Council

Student council provides students in grades 4-8 an opportunity to participate in and practice leadership and responsible decision making. Representatives are nominated by their peers to be on student council. Members of student council are role models and exhibit the highest standards of conduct and character. Student council works together to discuss a variety of issues and make recommendations to the Student Council Advisor and the Principal. Meetings are held twice a month before school with each representative taking turns leading the meeting and recording minutes. Each classroom has a student council suggestions notebook which representatives bring to every meeting.

Student Government

Organization of elected students in 9th thru 12th grade who represent and are the voice for their respective classes. Students are charged with helping administration and staff with organizing and administering events both on and off campus. This group meets weekly with an advisor to discuss issues and plan events.

Pep Team

A group of students who lead cheers at sporting events and pep rallies. Students in grades 9-12 may participate on the team.