Senior Events

Seniors and Parents of Senior are invited to keep up with the school calendar, located on our Academic Calendar page.  It is recommended that after January, families continuously check the calendar for updates regarding Senior pictures, Graduation practices, Graduation date and location, Senior Week events, and etc.

Currently, the spring 2016 Senior Graduation, is schedule for Friday, May 27th.  The ATLCA Senior Commencement Ceremony will be held at the auditorium of The Armstrong Center at Armstrong Atlantic State University.  The Armstrong Center is located at 13040 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31419. The commencement ceremony will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m. and guests will begin to be seated at 4:00 p.m.  As seating is limited, all guests will be required to present a ticket for the ceremony.  Parking at The Armstrong Center is free to attendees.



*Junior & Senior Due should be submitted to either Mrs. Margaret Brown or Ms. Denise Brown in the front office.

     a.) Junior Dues have not yet been assigned for the school year.
     b.) Senior Dues for the 2015 - 2016 school year are $250

Juniors and Seniors will be notified of the amount of their dues in September.  At that time, both grade levels should begin paying towards their dues so as to avoid lump sum payments.

Senior Dues will go towards:

  • Diploma
  • Diploma Cover
  • Senior Pictures: [(1) 8x7, (2) 5x7, (4) 4x5, & (8) wallet-sized photos
  • Graduation Location Rental
  • Graduation Tickets & Wristbands
  • Complementary Invitations
  • Graduation Program Printing
  • Senior Cap & Gown
  • Senior Honor Cords &/or Stoles
  • Senior Keychain Tassel

Although Senior Dues cover a multitude of items, there are a few things that Senior Dues don’t cover & will be the individual responsibility of the student, if they choose to do so.  Therefore, items like: Graduation Announcements, Senior Mementos, an away Grad Night trip, a Senior Banquet, & any Senior Week activities will be the financial responsibility of the Senior Class as a whole or the individual students wishing to participate.

Junior Dues are meant to cover the bulk of the expenses required for the Junior/Senior Banquet being held at either the Savannah Hyatt, DeSoto Hilton, or The Armstrong Center.  In the event that the students elect to not have a Junior/Senior Banquet and choose to participate in a different class event, dues will go towards the payment of that event.

Should the students choose the formal banquet, it will be held in place of having a prom and also serve as an awards ceremony for the juniors and seniors.  Students will be invited to bring up to two (2) guests.



Currently, Senior portraits are done through Upscale Images.  Upscale sets up and appointment date and time and they come to a location, designated by the school, to take Senior portraits.  Prior to having their portraits taken, Seniors will be required to pay a $30 sitting fee to have a variety of pictures taken (e.g. formal, informal, athletic, academic, class ring and etc.)  

After their pictures have been taken, Seniors will be given a personalized login ID number to view your pictures online, at . There, you can make your selection of the pictures you want to purchase and create your package.  Your package will most likely include various shots in various sizes.  Parents and Seniors should keep in mind that these portrait packages are an additional cost to their $30 sitting fee.

Seniors are to be reminded to check the school calendar for the Senior potrait date.  The ATLCA school will only excuse class absences for students that particpate in Senior portraits at the location designated by the school.  If a Senior chooses to have their picture taken elsewhere, they are advised to do so during non-school hours.

Seniors are also reminded to be prepared to take their Senior portraits.  For formal pictures, guys will need to have a fitted black suit jacket, white Oxford shirt, and a tie.  Senior girls will need to have a black dress for their formal pictures.  Seniors are also reminded to be clean shaven, have hair cut or styled appropriately, and shorter ladies may want to bring a pair of heels.  Seniors are advised to be conscientious of hair style choices, as you will need your graduation cap to fit properly on your head.


 Students will be allowed to take their Senior portraits in their caps and gowns, however students will be required to return them afterwards.  Seniors will officially receive their caps and gowns on the final day of Graduation practice.



Senior invitations and Graduation tickets will most likely be handed out in late March or early April. This timeframe should give Seniors enough time to get invitations out, with tickets, to the friends and family they wish to attend Graduation.

Seniors will be allowed to send out as many Graduation invitations as they would like.  However, the amount of Graduation tickets handed out to Seniors will be determined by the space of the graduation location and the amount of Seniors participating in Graduation.  It is unlikely that each Senior will receive more than 5 - 10 Graduation invitations per person.

At Graduation, tickets will be collected at the door.  Each ticket secures 1 seat, per guest.  If a guest will require a seat, they must have a ticket.  Children sitting in strollers or parent's laps, will not be required to have a ticket.



Graduation practice is usually held 3 - 4 days consecutively, prior to Graduation.  It is important that Seniors attend all graduation practices, so as to familiarize themselves with the  setup of the room, student holding areas, student seating arrangements, graduation protocols before and after the event, the Pomp & Circumstance entrance/exit march and spacing, and etc.

During graduation practice, Seniors will also receive their honor cords and keychain tassels.



Graduation seating is first come, first serve.  Guests will not be allowed to save seats for their incomplete party.  Seating will be filled in sections, with seats with the best views being filled first.  Therefore, it is appropriate to arrive to the Graduation ceremony on time.  Seating will most likely begin 45 - 60 min. prior to the ceremony.  Any guests that arrive earlier will be denied entrance into the event location.

Graduation event parking is not guaranteed.  Depending on the location, valet parking may be available.  If valet parking is chosen, the usual fee is $10 per vehicle and this amount is expected to be paid at the time of car drop off.



Graduation attire for the young men is:

     1. A black suit,

     2. A long-sleeve white shirt (with a shirt underneath),

     3. Black dress shoes,

     4. A solid black tie, and

     5. Clean cut hair that fits under the graduation cap

* Young men are not to wear any jewelry, with the exception of a watch.


Graduation attire for the young ladies is:

     1. A black dress, no shorter than the hem of your graduation gown

     2. Black, closed-toe shoes

     3. Minimal jewelry

     4. Appropriate hairstyle that fits under the graduation cap

* Young ladies are not to wear any oversized, jangley, or otherwise distracting jewelry.



*Juniors and Seniors may purchase class rings online at Herff Jones (Statesboro) .  Once there, Seniors can also create a free account at Herff Jones and order additional graduation invitations, senior name cards, and any other 2015 graduation memorabilia.

*Seniors may also order graduation memorabilia at

Please note that the school will order Senior caps and gowns from a separate vendor.



Transcripts are necessary to a Senior if they choose to persue higher learning, military training/work, and etc.

Transcripts will be handed out to Seniors in good financial standing with the school, after Graduation.  A Senior in good financial standing means that the student does not owe the school for any unpaid tuition, unreturned textbooks, damages, and etc.

It is most likely that a graduate will be required to submit a sealed transcript.  Sealed transcripts are transcripts are transcripts that contain a student's final grades, attendance, GPA, and class ranking.  This document is placed in an envelope and sealed with the school's seal above it.  If the transcript is opened by someone outside of the requesting institution, the transcript will be considered invalid.

Each Senior will be offered 3 sealed transcripts, for free, if picked up in the front office by Friday, June 5th, 2015.  Any sealed transcript given after that date will cost $5 each.  Seniors may also request a copy of their unsealed transcript, if they wish to have a personal copy of their final grade report.

If you have any questions relating to the information here or further questions regarding Junior/Senior Dues and/or Graduation, please see Ms. Denise Brown or call the office at 912-651-9662 ext. 101